Experience Reiki right here in Langley, BC. A way of life and the core of all the work we do at junipr Soul Expansion, see below for information on Reiki sessions, distant Reiki, Reiki certification other work you may be interested in.

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Reiki Session

Located in north Langley in a vibrant home-studio. A Reiki table or Reiki chair is available to clients.

60 min. / $85

Distant Reiki Sessions

Includes initial phone conversation, follow up email report and phone call. Please inquire.


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"Lindy is a very compassionate, centred practitioner who is able to channel exactly what her subject needs. After any session I've had with Lindy I feel much lighter, balanced, and energized. I would not hesitate to recommend any friends or family to have a healing session with Lindy. Thanks Lindy."
D. Morgan, Mission BC

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"Lindy is an amazing Practitioner. She is gentle, kind, non judgemental, and powerful!!! Her sessions are remarkably strong, and carry on with you throughout the week. I highly recommend Lindy to everyone I meet. She has helped make a vast improvement in my mental health, and I am truly grateful to have met her! Thank you Lindy for all your amazing, uplifting work."
T.A Abbotsford, BC

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Healing Arts

Outside of Reiki, you may be seeking deeper soul level work such as:


This can be done in-person or over-the-phone. You are welcome to audio record your readings.

$45 / 30 minutes

Animal Guide

Find that spirit that is always by your side. Develop a relationship and learn to work with this constant, companion of your Self.


Soul retrieval and reintegration

Recovering parts of yourself that may have been disconnected from you, often through trauma or past lives, and reemerging them with your Self. This work tends to bring about feelings of wholeness and purpose, relief and/or renewal. Is this the work that is right for you?
Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation.


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Reiki Certification Classes

Reiki certification classes may be held indoors, outdoors or both! With the exception of Master Level, Reiki certification classes can be full day or two half days.


'Usui Reiki Level 1' / Outdoors

For those interested in this form of energetic bodywork or who are wishing to use it in their work, this 8-hour class, divided into two half days, combines lecture, discussion and experience. Class time includes:

Introduction to the history of Usui Reiki;
Learning Japanese Reiki Techniques;
Giving a complete Reiki treatment for self;
Reiki healing attunement;
Class certificate, a manual and ongoing mentoring.

This class will be held outdoors.


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'Usui Reiki Level 2'

In this Level 2 certificate class you will learn to treat others and about incorporating Reiki energy into your life. This 8-hour class, divided into two half days combines lecture, discussion and experience. Class time includes:

Revision of Level 1 Usui Reiki course, self-healing techniques
and incorporating Reiki as a way of life;
Level II Usui Reiki techniques;
Treating and working with clients;
Learn Reiki symbols and distant healing;
Level II attunement;
Participate in giving a client session;
Class certificate;
192-page manual.

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'Usui Reiki Master/Level 3'


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