Movement… In the form of Dance.

Coming soon…
11:30am – 1:00pm
Community event: Entrance fee covered by the Universe.
*All ages, all genders… All Nations.

Hosting in my semi-open air studio for (max 3) people. We will maintain distance. Each session will start off with movement exercises and then into Dance.


*I understand I can not guarantee safety for all in a public event, specifically in Dance communities. To minimize the impact of colonization on marginalized folks and to ensure utmost safety, put in a request for a time for your own time spot of (max 3) people. Move the energy in a space just for you, led by you, facilitated by junipr Soul Expansion. 


Individual Movement sessions available. Set your intention and junipr Soul Expansion will guide you through a series of exercises. Breathing, body awareness and movement; laughter, self-understanding and depth… These are just some benefits of a 1:1 Movement Meditation. Perhaps you just want to move or maybe you want to understand how to use Dance as a form of meditation… You will leave with activities you can use beyond the session. $65 for 45 minute session. $210 for a package of four sessions.

Contact: to express interest and get on the notification list.
Location: Walnut Grove in Langley (RSVP for address details)

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