‘Our Light Space’ Meditation Series

Tuesday’s beginning September 17, 2019
10:30 – 11:30am

A meditation series ideal for individuals who already have strong meditation or spiritual practice in place to manage the effects of the behaviours of the narcissist individual(s) in their lives and may now be feeling the call to join this work with others. No experience is necessary however, so come and be present with us.

This is not a support group, nor a replacement for professional medical or legal support or therapies. We will simply be coming together with an intention and focusing on our ‘Light space’. Registration is required.

NEXT DATE: November 5, 2019
Location: Walnut Grove
Inquire: info@soulexpansion.ca


Reiki Share

Reiki shares are a place to connect with community, practice giving and receiving Reiki, ask questions and learn more about this wonderful healing modality.

NEXT SHARE: November 18, 2019
10:30am – 12:30pm or 6:30pm – 8:30pm **Note the two options for times
Location: Walnut Grove (RSVP for address details)


Saturday Night Mindfulness Gathering

Experience an uplifting alternative to Saturday nights where you can socialize, meet like-minded people and practice mindfulness. Each evening will begin with an introduction followed by a meditation, gratitude activities and an extended tea break. Participants will then be guided through music and movement exercises. Music will be flowing all evening.

No experience necessary. Cushions, chairs, refreshments and guidance are provided. Wear comfortable clothes.

December 14, 2019
7:30 – 9:00pm
Location: Walnut Grove (RSVP for address details)
Contact: info@soulexpansion.ca