What is play, why is it important, where did it go?

Each human is born with play. As children, play is a default. It is the vessel through which we learn, grow and generate ideas. Play is there for us when we have a hard experience or question we need to process our way through. Through play, we experience the world, reaching the states of engagement, openness and safety.

As adults, play is equally important. It brings us joy. It breaks up each day bringing a clearing, release and completion to our tasks. It is an avenue through which we connect with others with a strong potential for community. It is time spent tinkering, outdoors, creating ideas and replenishing resources. It is time away from consuming and time spent producing. What does your play look like? Let’s find out!

How to Bring it Back!

This is a package of enriching one-on-one counseling-style sessions using a myriad tools, experiences and giftedness carried by the facilitator. You will leave each session with clear ideas and motivation. In following your lead to uncover play in your life, each session will build on the last and serve as a check-in. Expect positive shifts! It is important to look at the impacts of colonization and how it has impacted our valuing of play. I will also share what I have learned about stereotypes, biases and ensuring our play is responsible — as well as healthy for the earth and the land and communities whose land we live (and play!) on.

You are important. Period… Do this for you. Do this for the greater good. Having facilitated joyful shifts in many people’s lives, I will help to design a play plan for you!

6 one hour weekly sessions (these may spread out as your play develops).
Following the 6 sessions (and similar to the Reiki students), you will have one year of ongoing mentoring and support.

These can be done in-studio or over the phone!



Lindy is an amazing Practitioner. She is gentle, kind, non judgemental, and powerful!!! Her [reiki] sessions are remarkably strong, and carry on with you throughout the week. I highly recommend Lindy to everyone I meet. She has helped make a vast improvement in my mental health, and I am truly grateful to have met her! Thank you Lindy for all your amazing, uplifting work ❤~ T.A.