Beyond the Screens

May 19 – June 23, 2019

1:30pm – 4:00pm


How do screens get in the way of your goals? How do screens get in the way of living? How can you use technology on your terms — or in a way that is defined by you? Find support in this small (max 8) group of others who are wishing to reduce or eliminate screen usage in their homes.

For this class, “screens” is a broad term which can refer to wi-fi or internet usage, texting, use of hand-held devices, the ‘time spent’ looking at a screen and more… Going ‘screen-free’ is defined by You.

‘Beyond the Screens’ 6-week Workshop:

Over the course of these six weeks you will:

* Set your intention.

* Meet every two weeks (three Sunday’s). Enjoy classroom time, be led on a journey to connect with and receive guidance from higher self, participate in explorative art activities and connect to nature. Healthy snacks and tea provided.

* Receive a bi-weekly email from Lindy with prompts, encouragement and a message. Email messages will alternate with classroom sessions.

* Uncover and clearly define your values.

* Create new belief statements surrounding technology use, release old stories and let in new (or old!) ways of being.

* Be led through a variety of explorative art exercises to guide you and keep you centered throughout this amazing shift.

* Witness the social pressures/expectations of technology use fall away as your perspective shifts and you become more empowered in your own value system and the terms defined by YOU.

* Come into alignment with Self and witness the spaces in your day begin to fill with Light.

* Be supported and encouraged by others.

* Disconnect from technology to reconnect to yourself — and begin your life ‘Beyond the Screens’.

Locations: Langley, BC
Dates: Sunday’s May 19 – June 23
(May 26/ June 9/ June 23 in classroom)
(May 19 / June 2 / June 16 email prompts sent)
Time: 1:30-4:00pm