A Wi-fi Detox is in Store…


Vision Boarding Workshop

Held regularly from September to December.

I’ve returned to living and it’s been absolutely amazing. Join me in living this awesome life… Come and share stories, create goals and be inspired by others. Aimed at individuals or families wishing to reconnect with the outdoors, we will also discuss ways you wish to reduce, or eliminate screen-usage or internet from parts of your life. Beginning with a breathwork activity and meditation to ground. We will then move into the vision boarding.

All phones and digital devices are put away during all our classes and workshops.
September 17, 7pm-9pm
September 26, 1pm – 3pm
Three attendees per class.
$30 per session. (Three for $85)



Can art help you in your own healing?

Book an individual creative session. Art materials, openness, an intention and You. An individual session will meet you where you are at as I lead you through various art activities. In working with the Reiki energy, individual sessions are also ideal for moving through deeper work such as traumas or life transitions. Allow up to 1.5 hours for these sessions. Session rate: $115.
Please inquire.



The Creative Unblock Art Class

This is a visual art class for adults to open their creativity — and it is completely inspired by preschoolers! I am an Early Childhood Educator with formal art training. I have been fortunate to see how both adults and children go through the creative process and, let me tell you… The little ones have it right! Two hours in length, held outdoors.
View samples of open-ended art materials we may use in these classes.
Four per class.


“It’s All About We.” ~ Lindy