Now That We’ve
Opened Ourselves to Creativity…


How can art help you in your own healing?

Book an individual creative session. Art materials, openness, an intention and You. An individual session will meet you where you are at as I lead you through various art activities. In working with the Reiki energy, individual sessions are also ideal for moving through deeper work such as traumas or life transitions. Allow up to 1.5 hours for these sessions. Session rate: $115.
Please inquire.


The Creative Unblock Art Class

This is a visual art class for adults to open their creativity — and it is completely inspired by preschoolers! I am an Early Childhood Educator with formal art training. I have been fortunate to see how both adults and children go through the creative process and, let me tell you… The little ones have it right!
View gallery for samples of materials we may use in these classes!
Four per class.
Other Opportunities and Events:
Women’s Creativity Circle

Bringing women, womxn, two-spirit, female spirit together. Babes, Youth, Mothers, Warriors, Matriarchs, Grandmas and our Ancestors who walk beside us; all are welcome.  This is a place where we can share our creative voice and creative work with each other. Many thanks to Sacred land upon which we all work. You are all beautiful… Let’s do this!!
Artist support group

There are many artist groups out there, and now there is one right here in Langley (and beyond)! We connect every two weeks for creatives to share what we’re working on, what we wish to accomplish and to gain momentum by connecting with others. While we have begun remotely (mainly connecting with me over the phone) with the intention to later meet in-person. There are a few options for check-ins and this will shift based on participants needs/preferences. **junipr Soul Expansion is a low-tech company and we will keep with those values in running all events.


Please join us!

Goal Setting Workshops 2021

How do you envision the new you and how will you sustain that throughout the year? Pre-book your four one hour sessions:
1) Yule new year energy to Spring Equinox
2) Spring Equinox to Summer solstice
3) Summer solstice to autumn equinox
4) Autumn equinox to the Yule!

This session is created to honour you and the joy you bring to this world…

Receive a reading (Lindy uses Jamie Sams ‘ Sacred Path Cards’) upon arrival. From there, we will move into breath work and then into a facilitated meditation calling upon your guides for guidance. Using a lot of colour, you will write down the insights you received in regards your current goals / direction.

The main piece is that you will align with your intention, what brings you joy right now and how to sustain that over the next three months. You will emerge with a clear vision and a plan for moving forward. Acknowledging the challenges and shifts that we know we all will encounter over the course of a year, Lindy will help you list your tools that you may call upon between each session.

You may add on a Reiki session, dance meditation or art session at the end of your goal setting workshop. (Prices range.)

There will be a closing activity to seal the work.


“It’s All About We.”

~ Lindy