Univega Bike Rebuild: Post 3/6

Perhaps I didn’t share this before but I rammed into who-knows-what on a trail by our house and snapped the chain. I fixed it though! I put that thing back together. I can now fix a bike tire and a chain. That was last year. I clearly don’t ride this bike too much outside my neighbourhood as I am still on the same chain. A few weeks ago, the chain came apart. Right out of the driveway and it was off the rails.

Back in the the garage and I realized this chain was done for good. I also realized I can’t change a chain. Changing a chain is harder than changing a tire. You need tools. I don’t have the set up and know how for putting a new chain on my bike. Meanwhile, my kiddo was riding up and down the neighbourhood, on a borrowed mahalo handmade beach cruiser, waiting for me. I grabbed their no name bike and hit the road.

Bike rebuilding means more tools than I thought existed and, of course, parts. I already realized from talking to Cap’s Bikes last year that it is way less expensive to get your bike built by a shop. Earlier this week I went into Velocity Cycles to window shop. With a world-wide backlog of bikes and bike parts, I was just enjoying the conversation and wisdom of people who know bikes…

My decision now is two bikes (times two as I have a mini-me). One for the trails — and one for town. So, new car or new bikes? …I’m stepping out of the way and letting this Univega guide me.

Here is a potential:

Devinci Marshall

More bike than I need but it’s good looking:

Transition Bikes

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