No, I will not start a YouTube channel.

I got the insight to create a YouTube channel.

Why? I think this is my punishment for not sharing my art and keeping it to myself. For not living my life to my full potential thus being dragged down by others. The reason I would start a YouTube channel would be to share my art, work and to bring me back to life.

Now, Google saves every piece of information you ever share on their platforms — your Google searches, emails, if you have Alexa or run podcasts, your voice recordings are kept forever. YouTube is Google.

For myself, I got rid of social media accounts for business and personal use a year ago. Prior to that, I let go of home internet connection for 16 months. So why do I have this urge for YouTube? I think it is because I didn’t delete my Facebook account.

My Mom’s Facebook page is on there and my old work albums. I was viral once — well not really, but I had a lot of followers and likes. There are so many memories there. Now, I could delete everyone. I would have the memories without the people — an empty Facebook page with only memories. Then maybe YouTube will leave me alone.

I think that is what I will do. I will detach myself further from social media and say no to YouTube. I will instead go mountain biking, live life to it’s fullest potential and share my art and experiences with the people I am around as when I am living life, I am not thinking of YouTube or the internet.

Yes, that is what I will do.


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