Art in the Making – February 2021 Art Prompts

28 rolled beeeswax candles rainbow coloured and laying in pile, art book in background

Over a year ago, I made my last posts on social media here and here.

One week ago, I decided to use social media, for one week, to participate in the Langley Eats Local challenge. (I could have submitted my entries through email but I felt jumping on social media, in the name of inspiring others in Langley to eat and shop responsibly, was an important sacrifice to make.)

But then…The February Opus Art Challenge came up! I had always wanted to participate in this and now that the time was here I realize it is only on social media. Do I participate thus extending my week of social media to a week and a month?

…Nope. I lined up with why I wanted to take the Opus Art Challenge — to create a habit of making art daily and to get in my art mileage… And then created my own. I simply took this opportunity and dove into a book I just bought from the thrift shop: ‘Art in the Making’ by Bruce Riddell. Each day, as I get hit with inspiration, I stop and create.

Here is a gallery of my own February Art Challenge. (You know we’ll see a lot of these explorations in our art classes!) …Feel free to create your own challenge! Need help? Contact junipr Soul Expansion for a free 15 minute consultation to uncover where the art is in you.