Dancing Out Anxiety

Illustration of sun in yellow ink

Here is that anxiety feeling again. Do I push through it or do I go play? I have been playing a lot lately so I want to push through… I have work to do. I know, however, if I move forward with this heavy energy, I will end up in a place I don’t wish to be… And I don’t want to be in places I don’t wish to be.

So I am going to dance…

Move the energy. Pound it, face it. Let music carry it away.
Guidance comes through and parts of me reveal… It’s not anxiety — it’s expansion.
I am bigger. New again.
New world. New focus. Let it go.

Back to work and back to play — that is the power of dance.


Ensure you have your support networks in place for managing anxiety. Stay safe. Stay Love. Take care of yourself and seek professional or medical guidance as required.


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