My New Divinity Cards

My new divinity cards have arrived! Divinity card decks come to me in various ways. I can always feel when a deck is coming in and when it is time to pass an one on.

This particular one arrived on the very magical Winter Solstice we just had. I was given a deck of playing cards… Crazy Eights, Gin Rummy, Poker, Bridge… These all seemed so linear and dry to my flourishing, colourful and alive mind and I immediately began traveling to what else these cards could be used for. Just as immediate as my thoughts went out, my housemate’s response went in:

“did you know you can use a deck of cards as divinity cards?”

…Come again?

She proceeded to tell me, very excitedly how she had learned about others doing this. “Yes, you can use these for divinity!”

And, with that, my new deck was here. I began tuning to them, carrying them on me, in my bags, at my bedside, in my car and then, within the days of the Solstice, I pulled my first card…

While I won’t be using these cards for client readings, I offer readings with Jamie Sams ‘Sacred Path Cards’. $45



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