Anxiety… What is It, Really?

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Here it is again. This experience that comes in once I am on track and fully aligned with my work… Something is coming in to sabotage me. A drop in my torso feels like I am shooting down a track on a rollercoaster. I am prepared. I understand the patterns now…

This experience that can take one down to the ground? The wobble and sudden unrootedness we feel within that someone named anxiety and gave pills for? It is nothing to be afraid of — it something good. So I let it fill me.

It encases my torso… I know not to be scared of it for I know now that it is a part of me. I know to let that feeling grow and expand. This is my gift and what I am here for. Breathe in, out and feet planted on the ground… I let that sensation grow.

It’s just me. That is all it is. The feeling raises and is now around my neck area. So strong, I could throw up right now. I know not to fear. I know not to shut it down. Instead, I open my mouth loud, look up to the open skies and let that beauty float out and colour up the world all around me.

I’m okay now. Back to work. I’m going to rock it today.


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