Oracle Deck

In keeping with the momentum of this year, I must share… I am creating a deck of oracle cards (perhaps they are tarot?). As an Early Childhood Educator of 18 years, facilitator of play and childhood experiences, Reiki Master and graphic designer, I was given this project earlier this year while we were all in Creative abundance.

To read cards is one thing — but to be the creator of cards!? This has been an incredible and transformative experience. How can I describe what this is like? Having put them away for a while (or did I?), as I went through a massive transformation. I am now entering stage two: choosing a publisher and sharing with the world.

These cards are going to show the gift that each child in our lives brings to our world. They may also be used to focus on the gifts of the child within us. They can be worked by self or with mental health professionals.

Thank you for your continued support and momentum. With happy tears, I express my gratitude to those who reached out to me to check in, support, warn (yes, warn!), offer readings, letting me pay for your sessions, your downloads, insights — and those who let me reach out to them, support and warn them, paid for my creative services. You know who you are. We are all one. To my fellow Humans. Keep reaching out. Stay Creative. Be Free.