Resisting the Pull to Social Media.

The more exciting my life becomes, the stronger the pull to jump back onto social media and share my life with the world. Numerous times over the past few weeks I have been nudged by social media — I logged in, typed reactions and then thought to myself: why am I here and what am I getting out of this? Each time I stopped myself, deleted my words and logged out.

This morning, the urge to post stories and brag-worthy material was unusually strong. I ask myself, “why do I have this sudden urge to document my life?” I sit with this… The answer comes:

I am using social media as outreach.

I want to be myself and inspire others. I wish to be noticed. I want others to join me because I am bored and want more people to hang out and laugh with. Having pinpointed this, I am able to acknowledge what it is that is making me feel so good these days… The answer?

I have reached all my goals!

My goals were quite simple, actually. I wanted to be active and engaged in life and want others to follow me. I wished to be safe and stable with a house to live in, a car I can sleep in and I want to be back in the mountains. I have reached these goals. I want to celebrate and let people know they can do it — they too can live an authentic life! I need to tell the world! Yet… I want my energy to to be sustained, not drained.

So… I sit with these feelings of celebration and inspiration and begin to channel them to healthier parts of me. I am reminded of my purpose and the healthy outlets I have already created for myself: my creativity, work and purpose. Insights, ideas and action steps begin to emerge and my day begins to lay itself out for me. I move forward, focus on my work and soon my need to share and celebrate with the world is taken care of. The desire to hit up social media has completely disappeared.