You all may have thought I disappeared but I have actually been off finding play in my life. I couldn’t take the boredom anymore; the lack of community and days without laughter, the child within bursting while the environment outside lay flat. Someone or something has completely devalued and severed our joy… So I went to get it back.

One day, not too long ago, I acknowledged I could actually change my life — no matter what was (or wasn’t) happening around me. I made a decision and said it out loud, “I am going to get play back, have a fun life and I am going to do it soon!” When you live in Langley, you can’t just go out and connect with people. Langley is boring. We know this. So, I began bringing back memories of times when play was abundant in my life. From this very simple starting point, and within the course of a few weeks, incredible (and I mean incredible) synchronicities came into my life.

I stayed with the memories. Thoughts of laughter, joy, community and spontaneity reverberated through me. I was committed to fully (and quickly) restoring this value in my life. A little excitement breezed through me with the realization that this process was a little playful in and of itself. I knew this would work — people manifest shit all the time.

Clarity and answers immediately began to reveal. Excitement erupted at the realization that this was happening: play was coming back! Movement was happening in all layers of life — job, downtime, knowing which people to connect with. The action steps were big but this is what I wanted: complete and immediate transformation. Out with the old and in with the new, I set new challenges and got right to work. No time to waste — life is too precious to give away to another day of boring.

Throughout this process of the past few weeks, life has become brand new again. Everything from before is no longer relevant. Things have aligned and I have connected with those I needed to connect with. There is community, spontaneity, challenge, laughter, humour and resilience. While I was looking to be inspired, I find I am inspiring people. In lacking play, I lacked myself. The whole world needed me… Who knew? So, now there is opportunity, new life goals, encouragement and camaraderie. All in a matter of three weeks. It was so easy. When you get the call to play — go for it. The world needs you too.

(In order to really settle into this new experience there is a process of clearing what is no longer present. Even with small change, one may find themselves in a complete rebirth. Clearing out can sometimes be a prolonged, layered and immensely challenging process. This is what I am experiencing now. I can do this, though. Play is one of the strongest values I hold. I remain very focused on it and to seeing this process through to completion.)



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