Beauty … Anger … And this one is still in the works.

So, I wrote five blog posts. Did you see? But where are the last two, you ask? They’re still in me. Turns out there is a lot to say — four is the topic of Beauty. It seem to be a chapter of a book, perhaps a full length article. I will trim it down and share it here… But I’m still waiting for the full alignment of this piece. In the meantime…

I appreciate the engagement of you all. I’m glad people find my life fascinating… It’s about to get juicy. I have returned to the mountains this year… (Shh, I am part time instructor at one of the local mountains…)

I have been fine tuning my daily wellness regime to include preseason training. I have set a small goal: a 360 in the terrain park. A larger goal is evolving into part of the anger-beauty filled article mentioned above.

Onward now… For many, many years I brought little ones out in to the trees to enhance their childhood. Full of enriching experiences, play and laughter, my work with children is now complete. I have turned my focus to the adults – the raisers of the children… The nurturers of the world. Through art classes for adults inspired by preschoolers, challenges to get households off screens and back into living and… I’m not sure. I hadn’t figured out how to do this. Folks either want it or they don’t. I’m bored. You’re bored. We are all bored… I’m back in the mountains this year. Soon, I see, I will let go of boredom… Never to be spoken again. I will continue sharing my adventures here… We are Celestial. Something significant is in the stars.

Come see me for Reiki — let’s find out where the play is in your life and where it is blocked. How can we bring laughter into everyday? And what about community…

We have a Reiki Level 1 certification that will be held partially outdoors – in the same spaces where I have brought children.

Voices of a Fairie, the blog of junipr Soul Expansion, is evolving into lifestyle/art.


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