On this day that I am writing about Dance, I assumed I would have at least, well, danced. This didn’t happen though… I also thought I was going to write about the importance of movement — but that’s not happening either. What I am sharing, rather, is what seems to be a list of messages from the ancestors I have received over the years, together with what I have experienced in regards to dance. In writing this, I realize the practice of dance and movement is here to help us move so much from Humanity right now…

Years ago, I wrote this:

“there is a dark mist in our lives. It has been here a long time. Yes, it intended to go after this part of me (us)…
Dance. Just Dance. Every day. Dance through it All.”

The ‘it’ referred to above, is patriarchy. The righteousness, creation of systems… It all goes down to the process of colonizing. Remember, it is through this process they took away the dance (among other things).

Dance gets the rivers flowing in our bodies. Whether one is dancing around the fire, in the water or to the drum, this sacred movement is revitalizing and wakes us up. It brings Humananity out of stagnancy.

I began taking Dance back years ago — others are doing this too. In the larger picture, there are many steps to come first before dance fully comes back into our communities.

Dance is one of our Foundations. A form of meditation and another tool of empowerment, enlightenment and strength. Dance is a way to be sexy, everyday; it is being ourselves. You will know when the time is right for this — because you will just be ready.

I wish to share how dance is a way to begin healing sexual trauma… In journeying into this idea, though, would you like to know that we are all together? Being held and watched over, bundled up in safety and care, there is another wave of healing that has begun.

When you get stuck, dance. Balance each day with Dance.

DANCE MORE… And surround yourself in good people. Use Higher vibrational music.

Dance ~ Joy ~ Presence ~ Light … These together will create shifts.

Woman are going to dance again. Around the fire. Barefoot. Naked, why not.



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