Univega Alpina Bike Rebuild: Post 2/6

It’s near the end of the summer and we have spent everyday outdoors. Our children have had five months away from school. How has this been for families? Some are enjoying the space and some are going squirrely.

For myself, it’s been a wholesome season with self-care, slow breaths, being present for family members, friends and community, keeping life simple enough to manage the unexpectancies and flow of life and new sensations in the body.

I’m sitting in the garage right now, with my laptop set up in the workshop. I’m comfortable. My bike brought me here again. I’ve realized some things and one is: I want more bike. I want to play bigger. I want to play. Period.

I drove up to Mount Fromme a couple of times this summer. Ran right into a friend the second time. This was an affirmation that this is where my people are and my happy is.

I’m getting ready for afterschool season. This is what we’re getting ready for as we aim to stay in the mountains and on the trails: Syéxw Chó:leqw Adventure Park. This will be a nice intro to biking — our off-season activity.

We are heading into crazy. September normally fills me with terror — I have designed my life over the years to not be a part of the crazy. Take care of yourselves this year. Stay true to your values. Be outdoors. Go play. Let us know when you are heading out — we may want to join.


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