We Are Expanding… And so is our Cause!

Sometimes, when things no longer hold value, they lose their power. Examples of this are the clothes and objects in our home we will get rid of or, post secondary when we feel a program is no longer a good fit we may take our new focus and transfer to something more in alignment with ourselves and, of course, a classic example is the ebb and flow of people and relationships in our lives.

Humans are expanding quickly, getting brighter and bigger. Systems that held us together no longer work (they never really did in the first place) — but we keep flowing. Humans and life will always move forward — things that don’t exist fall away. With such systems no longer having a hold, many of us are regaining our power and merging back into Humaness.

Now this is where I get into my work. I had wobbled with this for a while. I am an Early Childhood Educator and I left the field years ago. My work had become redundant with the onset of the tech era and the devaluing of play and childhood. You see, play is how children learn. Play is something every child comes into this world knowing how to do. Play is a basic human need of children. Children need play. Play, play, play… Period.

To get into this particular cause would consume my lifetime. This work has and will continue to go on over the generations. Lifetimes? Do I want to spend a lifetime on an issue in politics? That’s not how I roll. That way is too slow for me. As I expand — and government systems remain the same, I suddenly find myself above it all and see… We have expanded. We are all bigger. Stand back and take a look — we are already above it all. When did this happen? Well, there was a great shift back in early January 2020. Do you recall?

Now is more of the new world. A detachment. Keep letting go!

Are you expanding!? Wondering how to get play back into your life? Upgrade your cause. Stay above it all. Connect with Lindy for a free 15 minute art therapy session. (This will be done over the phone.) Let’s talk about where the play is in your life!