Find Your Wealth

As I work through various creative projects, and dedicate myself to sustainment through my ideas and creativity, a strong knowing comes to me:

When a person creates, they create safety and sustainability for themselves.
To work as a creative is to Trust. Abundance and richness do exist.

Through my commitment to a creative way of life, ideas show themselves to me clearly and regularly. I notice the patterns of ideas. When they come, I begin by acknowledging each and then will either say “yes”, “not right now” or “please send it onto the next person”. Art is powerful and while a project I’ve agreed to may not begin right away, the ideas immediately begin to guide me. There may be a clearing and setting of space before I begin the project. (This is similar to when someone says, “yes” to receiving Reiki — but then goes through a lengthy clearing process before they actually book the session.) I may complete a project fully — or I may not. Some I complete to the end while others get moved to the side for a while… Some I don’t complete at all. In this case, I’ll take back the materials to use on another project or pass the unfinished work to someone who will finish it. Once created, however, the art moves. There is a celebration, a completion, a new me — and then space for the next project to come.

Having set out to sustaining myself through Creativity, I have become aware that all I create is currency. I am creating currency. The real kind… I know I am taken care of when I am creating and, like a strong partner at ones side, this is the safest place in the world for me. Grounding, sustainable, infinite… I get it now! I understand what abundancy is.

Abundance, wealth and money is not straightforward. Feel free to strip your life down to the basics and begin to feel where the abundance is in your life. Take this a step further and allow yourself to step out of the linear, manmade model of money and into your true wealth.