The mandolin, Tofino and making my way back to Flow

I rented a mandolin from Long and McQuade. This is the third or fourth time I have rented one over the years. I will buy one at some point but the process of aligning self to instrument just doesn’t feel joyful right now. Visiting Long and McQuade does.

I’m pretty disciplined with my instruments but I have only played it twice since I loaned it a week ago. I have been working through an awesome level of discord (ie: anxiety). I moved it out of me thanks to my dedication to it and have managed to bring myself back to the present moment… The present moment actually took me to Tofino. We were there for a few days and, upon return, I have entered into a new normal — a long sought after state of focus and clarity.

This evening I am embracing downtime and creative flow. I discovered Peghead Nation a couple years ago at Nimblefingers and this evening I am starting John Reishman’s mandolin course. As a personal sidenote, I will be bringing the mandolin to Crescent Beach Saturday, August 15th as part of the Screen-free Saturday event!