I took an impromptu holiday to Tofino this week. It was a short trip and, when we came home, it didn’t feel complete. I repacked my cooler and bags and headed the very next evening to the north Shore with no agenda other than my being prepared to work on creative projects, riverside at picnic tables and beachside on my blanket.

I need to share some context here before I share how it actually went… Exactly three months ago, while we were one month into a global refresh, I had a couple of bracelets appear so strongly in my dreams. Each detailed so clearly for me. When I awoke, I drew the patterns — and then let them go.

A week and a half ago, I had another bracelet and a set of earrings appear. I awoke in the morning, drew them and decided it was time to answer the call and make these. Since that first dream a few months ago, I had begun looking for a used loom (I only buy used anything — unless it is socks and underwear.) I have been keeping an eye out for looming (and macrame) books at thrift shops and The Creative Bookworm. I don’t think I know anyone who looms and can teach me. I came up with nothing. (I guess these things really are oldschool.)

Yesterday, in preparing for the north Shore, I knew to pack beading supplies (I actually have a lot thanks to a jewerly designer sister) and the two beading books from the library. My trip into the mountains turned out to be a shopping spree starting at Capilano Rock and Gem. I did sleep a few hours on the beach, cruised the north shore, found my future mountain bike haven that a friend had recently given me directions to — and bought supplies for four beading patterns. Within two hours of getting home, I had completed my first practice. How does it look!?