Finally, the bike rebuild has begun!

Exactly one year ago I shared this on my Instagram:

“I picked up my Univega bike frame this weekend and she feels so right! We have Compass Cards, bikes, helmets and the Haynes Bicycle Book. I am finally going CAR-FREE in Langley!!!! Why don’t you bike/walk/transit down to our meditation in the outdoors this weekend. See for details!
~ junipr Soul Expansion”

I picked up this bike last summer from north Delta. I wanted a bike with a good frame that I could rebuild. Why? Because I wanted to learn to fix my own bike.

I got exactly what I asked for: a bike with a good frame that I could rebuild. The brake pads are dry and inefficient, the seat is worn, the tires leak air, the pedals wobble… I don’t think it’s roadsafe, but I ride it anyway. (I grew up in a rural mountain town. I don’t let little hangups stop me.)

It’s a good frame. I went by ratings and what was available at the time. Turns out this bike is more than a good rating… It is a legend. It is a 1993 Universa Alpina Sport. And I bought it for fifty bucks off Craigslist.

One year in and the rebuild has begun! I’m doing this the feminine way — with patience, creativity, openness and flow… The bike guides me.

First up was learning to change the inner tube. This included the how and where to buy one. I did this job intentionally over two Friday’s so as to have a 9-year old watch. (When you, as an adult, are doing something important and valuable, wait until the children and/or youth are present. Pass the knowledge.) With task completed (and a 9-year old later saying, “that was fascinating to watch”), I felt what I had set out for in rebuilding this bike. Freedom. I can do anything.

In carrying out the next task, I realize the bike is ebbing and flowing with my life. Magic is everywhere and everything sparkles. Heck ya this bike is teaching me more than bike maintenance! It has been silent for the past year but now, in my readiness, it is taking me on…




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