We are non-linear beings reestablishing a non-linear world.

As I get involved in experiences that are relevant to me I learn, grow and expand. Throughout this expansion I also move forward. In that moving forward, I also let go of things — people, places, spaces, friendships, clothing. As I let go of those previous parts of me, I open up to new, sparkling and twinkling things… And then I change. In this change, some folks in these past places may be supportive of me while some may have discord. Some move with me and sometimes I move forward with them (isn’t it always nice when others go first?).

My work is important. All of our work is important. Right now, we are all coming into new work. We are non-linear beings re establishing a non-linear world. Patriarchy is losing it’s life and colonization no longer has power and energy to control all the beings on this planet. I felt this strongly throughout my time in silence. The shift has occured. It happened a while ago.

Now, I don’t take heed of the media. The news needs to be relevant to me so I only tune into what is happening around me — in our community. If a story hasn’t come to me yet, it will; If it doesn’t, there is somewhere else for me to be in this story. In this moment, we are working through removing a collective mass of shit from the Human collective. In keeping connected through breathe, movement, passion, and disconnecting from the disconnect, I learn how I can be in touch with the experiences that are far beyond what my mind can even comprehend. The question, “how I can take part in something that my body, spirit and heart will never be subjected to in this lifetime” becomes answered.

I have my own experiences and I work through the collective energy that is within Me. Most recently, in my personal life, I have stepped onto the other side of fears so incredibly strong — I have finally been released from the captivity from the mass of shit that was within me. My art has changed, projects and passions from years ago return to me… I know that I am not alone. This massive fear that I have just stepped over is collective energy. It is, again, the patriarchy that has lost it’s grip on my life — on all our lives and, in stepping over it, I am brand new…

I can dance, twirl, create and accomplish many things. I can work to support myself and go to school. I can dream, laugh and inspire my child in new ways. I am free and move forward… Expansion.

In my brand new experience, and committed to keeping my work in person, I open myself to learning my place in this story. Having already unlearned, and then relearned, learned how to learn and now applying everything I have learned — I am once again given the opportunity to learn more. We all have an opportunity to learn more. From all my Human connections, knowledge is coming to me and bringing me out into the world. My power sources are showing themselves to me and everything is pointing to our creativity. Have we not just witnessed that Creativity is the Human default?

As I keep my Creativity switched on I am learning my place, again, in the larger movement… I stay connected. I write, create, follow through with ideas — and show it all off. We are becoming Human again.


Stay Connected.