Honour Parents, Honour Families

I peek in to see what other change makers are doing in this present moment. Those who inspire me continue to do so as I see them use the internet in genuine and humble ways. With already established internet platforms, they use their voice with humility — bringing people together, offering Guidance, and continuing to make change. Remaining grounded, they are stepping it up.

I feel a reassurance and an excitement. I continue my work too. In staying home and distancing ourselves from each other, I have remained without internet. I have not logged into social media in months — I often forget it even exists. So peaceful.

Yes, you CAN do remote learning without a wi-fi connection in the home. It is Fulfilling. Efficient. Welcome.

Yes, you CAN run a business without wi-fi connection in your home. My freedom from the media and wi-fi in my home space has resulted in previously unreachable parts of me to move to the forefront of my life. New income streams open up. I am Safe and I am Supported.

BUT… Someone or something has changed the way youth communicate with each other. This is a larger issue than I wish to bring into my household. I sit with this. I hear the Angels. I am at their service and, with a breath of relief, I step it up. The work that I have wished to do, but hadn’t been able to, now moves to the forefront of my life…

I am completing the final years of my bachelor of arts, majoring in Psychology. I will focus on youth and screens and parental alienation syndrome (because we need more professionals who understand this phenominon). On June 1st, I will present… Honour Parents, Honour Families. My other Light work — the Yang to junipr Soul Expansion’s Yin… An outlet for my kick butt energy.