This One’s for the Parents — Keep Creating!

This one is for the parents…

Draw when the kids draw.
Paint when the kids paint.
Dance when the kids dance.
Sing when the kids sing…

What is Creativity when you are a parent? It’s life.
Your home space is your canvas.

At this moment in time, I am filled by the way Creativity has immersed itself into our homes. Over the past few weeks, I have been speaking with and checking in with friends, family and others in the community. People of all walks humbly share projects they are working on via images, stories, sending me links, etc.

I don’t even ask for it, they must already know that part of my life purpose is to restore Creativity and connection back into the lives of families. I don’t know if this is the reason people feel an inate urge to send things my way — or if we all are receiving this smorgasbourgh of inspiration. Whatever the reason — keep it coming!

For parents however, I witness a trend… Not only parents of little ones but educators and others still in their jobs. I hear the inability to Create — and no frustration here, just reality. They are in another flow. Or are they? …As I listen a little further, I hear there is magic happening in these homes of working parents. I receive stories and images that equally blow my mind and laugh to myself as I think, “yup, there it is — the Creativity.”

As part of one of my current projects, I have been able to look back on all the work I had done when raising a little human… Magic was happening in my home too! I just couldn’t see the extent of it. While accomplishing significant things, making an impact and inspiring others, I couldn’t see my successes.

I was put on this planet to Mother and, in order to do this, I only need Presence and to savour every moment. By my very own nature, I brought music, nature and Creativity into my home (and into the lives of others) while, as a Mom raising a child, felt there was no time to create. Yet, who knew? I created anyway! I can see that now.

My work today is a build upon everything in those early years. My 2020 self is very proud of my 2007 – 2020 self. Through staying true to my values and ethics, I continue to lay a solid foundation for my future self.

In the present moment, I hear there is magic happening in all our homes. Each family’s canvas is unique and parents and families — the roots of our communities, are creating just like the rest of us. They will see this. It is such a transformational time and as we fall back into our roots and we will ALL build upon each others work.

Keep Creating!




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