Six Years of Weekend Adventures…

There is a gem of a practitioner in Hope, BC by the name of Ulrike Spitzer. She lived in south Langley, on a horse farm, when I met her…

Years ago, I would head out on adventures each weekend. I would head for nature and not return home until I had to. I would be gone from early morning until 9pm sometimes. With my bus pass, water bottle and meals for the day packed, the general trip was preplanned but the adventure was not.

These trips were magical. I revelled in the freedom. As with many at various points in their lives, home was not a comfortable place for me — but through these trips I was expanding. This was reflected in my adventures and how comfortable and safe I was out in the world:

“I feel like my life is rolling forward once again. These treks out have done something to me — last weekend was wonderful. There was so much peace. It is still Alive in me. Permanently embedded on my insides.” ~ me, April 2014

In time, I realized there was more world out there so I returned to the maps, located the greenspaces and found how far I could go in the other direction (anywhere within a 30 minute transit ride). Living in north Burnaby at the time, Langley had already been showing itself to me so when I stepped off the ‘Carvolth 555’ and onto the Walnut Grove shuttle — it was the true beginning of junipr Soul Expansion.

In reading back, I see that all the good in my life in this very moment was already in the stars six years ago. All the unpleasantry in my life didn’t truly exist. (How can it be that all the good is in the stars and the unpleasant doesn’t truly exist?)

All the magic of who I am — all of the training I have received, both in Reiki as well as in Shamanic Living skills with Ulrike, happened right here in Langley. And first up, was Ulrike.

See Ulrike’s work here… Or here:

Kaleidoscope Healing

Hope, BC

Kaleidoscope Healing offers yearlong training in Practical Animism “The Path of the Shaman” and “The Path of the Priestess”, in person and as a distance program, regular workshops in Shamanism/Animism and shamanic journeying, as well as Equine Guided Personal Growth sessions and group retreats on a private horse farm just outside Hope, BC.

Equine Guided Personal Growth with Kaleidoscope Healing




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