Running a Business without Social Media.

How do you run a business without the use of social media? Well… Just don’t login.

Personally, I still have social media pages — they are not being managed but are still active. I have new followers trinkling in and people ‘liking’ posts from ages ago. As my social media pages still exist, so does the overwhelming urge to log-on…

Being in a good flow seems to be when I get these urges the most. In these times of Creativity and expansion, productivity and success, I feel the most resilient to the drain of social media. The likelihood to log-in is high. I have lots to share and there is also the immediate gratification of likes, feedback — and the possibility of one those little red dots registering for an event…


In these moments, I stop and feel the consequences. I remember my values and mission. I think of the interactions I have had with people this year and the impact I am having on those around me. I bring awareness to posting itself — it causes a shift in flow. You become attuned to the virtual world and find yourself sneaking onto your page whenever you get the chance. There is also a false feeling of accomplishment, ie: “I have posted and people are sharing my event therefore my work is done.” Sometimes this works. Most of the time, it is a continual posting and engagement on your part… One single social media post or event shared is actually a series of check-ins and time spent. There is also a mindset that begins to develop when you begin seeing people as numbers rather than relationships.

So, in these moments of, “I can post this time” I can bring myself back to who I am. I remember my value system, my ethics and the larger picture… The feeling passes and I get back to work.



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