Feelin’ Good…

Wanna to know what makes me feel good? …Things that make me feel good… Yup.

I enjoy skiing. Yesterday I went skiing… Snowboarding actually (ie: skiing from a different perspective). My body feels happy today. Warm, sensational, calm and focused.

I enjoy learning. Today I am starting a songwriting course: Ayla Nereo’s ‘Seeding the Song’. This was one of the gifts I asked for at Christmas. This morning I will begin.

I enjoy writing in my blog. I haven’t been maintaining this one regularly… Yet. What is ‘regular’ anyway? This blog is as regular as my life.

I enjoy that my writing is coming to the forefront of my life. I feel the urges and open myself to the process. I realize I have been working on something big all of these years and it is just a matter of compiling my work.

I enjoy the patience and Trust in being an artist. When the ideas begin to show themselves to me, I enjoy the process of learning how to bring them to physical life.

I love my website. It is so strong and vibrant; soothing yet alive. My holder of space in the virtual world.

What makes you feel good?