A Note on Websites

You know, I went to art school once. This was the result of an overwhelming urge I had many years ago at a point in my life when I didn’t understand overwhelming urges — nor the importance of not making decisions while one is scared, broken and emotional. So I registered and I was going into the web design program.

This was a life change that was going to free me.  Oh yes, art school changed my life for the better and a year and a half in, (as the result of another overwhelming urge at a point when I didn’t understand the importance of not making decisions while one is scared, broke and emotional), I left art school.

It was a great experience.

Although I didn’t get to study websites very much, I am still quite drawn to them. (I ended up in the graphic design program by mistake — but it looked incredible so I rolled with it.) I love web design and the idea of a good-looking internet. I love coding and nerd talk. I see websites that flow with aliveness, colour and energy. I am inspired by change-makers and creatives who are able to visually express their important work online.

Websites. They are alive just like any of us — like art and abundance, laughter and flow. Websites are a piece of you and, like all parts of you, not intended to remain stagnant. For someone (me) who has rid internet connection from their home, website maintenance is like a lunch date with a friend, a barefoot walk along the river; it is community, culture and art… I built this entire website in public spaces or in other people’s homes.

The website www.soulexpansion.ca was built  one year ago and I have grown so much in this year. It is telling me that it is going to keep up with my growth. It has started speaking to me, nudging and telling me to get ready — turns out this website is about to Expand! How? When? I don’t know but I do know it has already started… Because I said, “yes!”

I see that my skills in the technical area of web design will increase as well. Up until this this point, great ideas within me have been limited by my skill level and the capacities of the programs I work with. Two elements though — the work of my higher self and the process to get it on screen, are going to come into balance. They will come together to form a clear connection between my students, clients — and junipr Soul Expansion.

And… Because my/our work is never about me — or you, but we’re all in this together, whatever I create will be for the greater good.

Remember… That which you are creating, others are seeking so open up and let it flow. Creativity is growing in all of us.





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