The Determination of an Artist.

The determination of an artist.

I have allowed myself to restore my determination as an artist… My piano is back in my space and bringing new life to my days. My guitar is singing new songs. Art is showing itself to me.

I lost this determination because I was one who learned that Creativity isn’t good enough and the dedication to nurturing Creativity isn’t responsible. In my adult life, as I joyfully began to surrender to my own Creativity and Gifts, I observed mocking, name-calling and even threats directed at me as opportunists and enablers sprang to life… So, I dedicated myself elsewhere. This is called Oppression.

Through my own process, I built up my strength, found my voice and my supports… I hid my Self but kept my focus. When able to, I released Oppression.

Creativity is life force energy, femininity, sexuality, expression. Creativity is within all things living because Creativity is life…

With this release has also come the discipline of picking up my instruments, pens, brushes — and putting my feet on the dance floor, everyday. I say yes to that which fills me and to the students as they come. I also return to being a student and my next wave of teachers has already come to me.

Time, hours, dedication, focus. Find your creative Self and let it flow.

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