junipr Soul Expansion is 1 Year Old!

junipr Soul Expansion is one year old! It was around this time last year when I set out on this journey of jumping into my Soul’s work full-time…

It has not gone as streamlined and linear as expected and has felt unsuccessful at times. As I look back, however, I see that my plans did come to fruition. I see that my plans always come to fruition — just not in ways that I envision.

Fortunately, I write everything down via colourful business plans, constantly flowing vision boards, a business journal in which I write pages and pages. As I go back to the beginning and read through, I see that I have been successful. I have reached my goals:

I have a beautiful space to work out of. I have incredible clients who are dedicated to their healing and together we are excited. I am inspired. I know when a client arrives at my table they are ready to do the work. And they do. I love my website and I love my logo. I completed both this first year and received very positive feedback. I don’t create business materials, I get out and talk to people. I have made incredible connections with people that I have admired and looked up to — many of whom are now coming to me for guidance or seeking my services. And this is just my first year…

In this one year, I have also mastered Trust. I stepped into the flow and learned to take one step at a time and to not make plans.

I am not the planner. I am the Creator.

Life is hard. But, through it all we continually move forward. One step at a time. Thus, here I am again going for another spin around the sun. A new start.

This year I will step into myself because I know who I am now. I know my place in this world.  I am a way-shower.

This next year will also bring me closer to my music, my art, movement and community — a creative community that has come together for a purpose and for the greater good. I look forward to the beautiful people and important work that is to come.

I’m going to find better ways to support the work that people are doing that I can not do. Because we need more of that too — more support and safety for our leaders and changemakers.

I am now back to where I was one year ago when I set out on this journey. This journey of letting go and giving myself over to my Soul’s work…


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