Going Wi-fi Free Tip #1 – Music Source

I returned my Shaw box to the mall kiosk recently and officially went offline the last week of December 2019.
Now what? I’m going wi-fi free…

Music and sound sets the energy in our physical space. Sound healing is a tool of clearing. With an infinite access to music on the internet, I have constantly found myself streaming music through my home. Now, I no longer have the waves of the internet imposing on my home space. In getting ready for this awesome and long-awaited shift, my music source was my first priority and consideration. This wasn’t too hard for me as I was never really able to give up CDs in the first place. In preparation, my CD collection has already begun to grow. Mainly, I go to second hand shops and purchase straight from artist websites. Often, when you order a CD from the artist, you will receive a download of the album as well. You can still have it on your gadget — and in your stereo.

Below is a sample of musical staples I have used in Reiki practice this past year — with the links to purchase:

Ayla Nereo

Sacred Earth


Polish Ambassador ‘Pushing Through the Pavement’


IVAKUARJUK ‘Ice, Lines and Sealskin’

…And Avril Lavigne is back with a whole lot of power and a whole lot of voice.

I look forward to better sound and a continually flowing CD collection.


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