January 1, 2019 – I Was There… Parenting In the Tech Era.

As an Early Childhood Educator of eighteen years, I was there before the technological era began to impact children’s play and before it began to impact parenting.

I was there when parents and families lost their sovereignty to the targeted marketing of tech and when this industry push its way into the homes of families and into the lives of our children. I was there. First as an educator and then as a parent. Thus… I was there when it tried to push its way onto me.

I took the heat as I stood up to the aggressive marketing of the tech industry and the pressures of the people. I did not allow it into my space and I stood tall. Parts of me crumbled while other parts of me remained steadfast. Now… I emerge from that era strong and sure — I remain connected to Self and Spirit.

Fully intact, I step back and hold space. I am here — present and in this moment. I am here as I bear witness to communities wanting to re-establish themselves and individuals wanting to reconnect with their Self. I am here as many begin the work to return childhood and play back to our most precious gifts — our children.

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