Junipr, my name, is my openness to learning about myself.
About my roots, my traditions, songs, stories, languages and
ways of life — and allowing them all to come through.

‘Soul’ is all those who come to me or who I am called to
work with. We all work together as One.

‘Expansion’ is all-encompassing. It is the healing arts
and arts education which are my tools to do my work.
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Having worked with children and families for nearly 20 years, Junipr Soul Expansion is another avenue in which Lindy connects with families. Through the various services she provides, Lindy will support you in:

Uncovering your gifts and stepping into your power
Awakening your creativity
Life transitions and rediscovering of self
Hearing your stories
…And more.

'Voices Of A Fairie'

This blog is an outlet for my creativity.


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